Creative Lab

Creative Lab lørdag den 29. oktober

Feeling creative and in need of a space to develop an idea? Or just having the creative urge and not knowing where to start? Then join us at the CREATIVE LAB on October 29th for an immersive 1-day workshop into creative processes.

Creative Lab is designed for actors/artists, as well as non-professionals with experience in acting/performing, who wish to produce their own original material for individual or collective purposes.

During the workshop you will be presented with tools to start developing and/or approaching your own ideas/projects, and we will also create material during the workshop, to view possibilities of performance in a concrete way. Through proposals and practical exercises based on improvisation, freewriting, voice work and body movement, you will therefore have the opportunity of becoming an actor-creator by immersing yourself a 100% in your own creative proces.

Creative Lab explores the five basic elements of the arts, used in all art forms: SPACE, TIME, RHYTHM, SHAPE and ENERGY.

Teacher: Ana Luiza Ulsig

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