Dansexpressie - Discover the Dance in you

“Dansexpressie” is an approach to dance developed in the Netherlands. It is based on the unique improvisation of you as the dancer within a clear framework of changing themes, hereby bringing about an interaction between movement and experience. In “Dansexpressie”, what the dancer experiences is expressed through dance.
During this two-day workshop you will, in a playful and spontaneous way, explore and expand your movement possibilities in a nonjudgmental way. You will develop your dance skills, creativity and body awareness, as you create authentic movements. You will be working both individually and in cooperation with others, not only as a large group, but also in other combinations like trios, duets, and quartets, in which there will be active moments as well as slow and restful moments – offering a good balance between going inward and outwards.

The workshop is for beginners as well as advanced dancers, and throughout the workshop, you will be part of a safe place to explore your dance.

This workshop will be in English, but with the possibility of translation into Danish.

The teacher:
Dance teacher Zwaantje de Vries, (b.1952) has been involved in Avant-garde dance, performance and art-projects all her professional life.
She has been teaching “Dansexpressie” since 1985, both Amsterdam and the rest of Europe at art schools, universities, and cultural venues. She has great experience as both a teacher and a dancer in Contactdance, Cunningham, Creative Dance and Expression Corporelle. In addition to “Dansexpressie”, she has also been engaged in “voice work” within the Roy Hart theatre tradition, and she has recently curated “Timeless Songs”- an improvisation project with singers, dancers and musicians from different cultures.


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Første mødegang
Lør 08.10.2022 11:00-16:55

Sidste mødegang
Søn 09.10.2022 11:00-16:55

Wilma Zwaantje de Vries

Move'n Act

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