About us

Move'n Act is the center for high quality education in stage arts in Aarhus. We have existed since 1996 and are well-known for our professional and animated training in stage arts. Whether you are a future actor or actress, whether you want further education or want to challenge your creativity on stage, we can assist you in achieving your goals.

We offer:

  • Physical and mental training
  • Thorough teaching in basic techniques and terms within stage arts
  • Support in exposing your talent and developing your personal expression
  • A meeting with yourself, your inner thoughts and feelings
  • Contact to the professional theatre environment
  • Serious and individual guidance about your potential and options

With us you will not become a star overnight. Stage arts are crafts that must be learned - they require lifeblood and dedicated work. We consider the arts a serious challenge, and our teaching will provide you with the time and dedication you need to absorb activities, to test yourself, to repeat and improve, to change your habits and to evaluate your own progress.

Move'n Act Workshops have existed since 1993 - we offer short-term as well as long-term courses at all levels within stage arts and the cultural life in Aarhus.

You will find workshops in:

  • Theater and Acting
  • Creativity and Self Development
  • Dance and Motion
  • Singing and Voice Training

All our teachers are well-established and have thorough experience in teaching. We take pride in giving our participants more than they expect. Our motto is: "Your benefits - our honour".